Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Anti-Christ

Today I was walking thru our local book store. Books and bookstores are a weakness of mine. Anyway my path took me thru the section dealing wiht the Iraq war and the war on terrorism and then thru the religion section.

As I perusedthe titles and read the covers I was struck with an epiphany: Is George Bush the long anticipated anti-Christ? The constant steam if "all is great in Iraq" that flows from the Bush adminsitration does not seem to square with comments from the local Generals or the world press. The religion books varied from the right wing evangelical that supports Bush to the moderate, No liberal religious books in SC -at least in our small town. But seems except for the evangelical right wing the view is US policy is not conducive to reconcilliation with Islamic fundamentalists.

Therefore the question is Bush the Anit-Christ who will bring devastation.


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