Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Iraq War is going well and other lies

My colleague and fellow cynic Skippy-san has of later been discussing the latest successes in our beloved and most lucid and logical leader (NOT) expound uopon how well the action is proceeding in Iraq.

If one were to even begin to consider Bush and his cronies have ever considered what they were doing or the ramifications of thier actions risks violent and extreme cognative dissonance. Skippy and I have been preaching the erros and perils of the Bush Doctrine. As far as I can see the basic pillar of the Bush Doctrine is act first, think never. Depend upon visons and revelations for insight. And above all else ignore the wisdom and experience of military commanders who would dare put forth an idea that differs from his ideology. A prime example is the repudiation of the Powell Doctrine.

On top tragic mishandleing of all thing Iraq Bush's disregard for American values lead him to not only spy on Americans without court sanction (sanctions were possible) but to publically acknowledge the wiretaps and spying and them claim his power is essentially limitless, No suprise there as has been his claim in all areas dealing with his actions and policies. Torture- no problem. Spy- no problem. Sign over ports to a foreign country; no problem. Talk about disregard for American values and sensibilities. Bush is a poster boy for hubris.

So I feel some degree of exoneration about Fiengold's censure motion and continuing falls in public support . Finally the public is taking notice. Maybe the accumulated lies and errors are catching up. As Skippy-san noted "........... Leave Bush to his own devices, he can do enough damage to himself. Wait till he gives his speech about "How all is well" in Iraq.......

Keep wondering how the Bush apologists who tend to deify ever thing he has done will respond when the whole Iraq sitaution descends into worse chaos. Guess they will blame everyone and everything except Bush and his ilk.

Maybe the God Bush invokes will see fit to out enough of the Bush crowd to effect changes this November. I see signs already. Republicans up for election are distancing themselves already. Self serving instinct for self-preservation push ot the fore.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Energy Oil and War

This past week end I had the pleasure of visiting with an old friend I have not seen in years. The conversation eventually turned to his area of expertise -energy. Specifically the law and energy. Some 25+ years as an energy attorney.

As such he has extensive experience in the where oil is and how it is processed and transported. Most interesting.

He noted the cost of finding new oil keeps rising and the finds are smaller. Saudi oil is running out. Iraqi oil is critical to the US and western developed counties. Therefore the reason for the war in Iraq. To protect the oil supply in the short term. So far so good; but, the real problem is yet to come. There is very little effort being expended in developing alternative energy sources; at least not enough to make a significant difference. In short we are rushing head long into an energy crisis with huge consequences for the developed and developing world. Actually the developing world is the immediate cause of the crisis and not the cure the presnet administration heralds.

The idea that improving economies will spur growth in developed economies and thus save us all is suspect to say the least. More likely will incite wars and more violence. Why? Because the fossil based energy sources are already in short supply and will only be exacerbated by consumers in China and India to name only two huge markets demanding cars and other consumer items.

Result: Shortages, wars, violence on scale never seen before.

Shame because Bush is supposedly and Oil Guy who understands energy. He could have been the energy president; the one who had the vision to make us energy independant and the dominat player and supplier of energy in the future. However aswe know he opted for the short term "fix" rather than a cure.

Will affect mainly thoses generations beyond mine. HIs predictions are very gloomy.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

CIA Outings

Ever since the Valarie Plame outing and the subsequent disclosures, indictments and lack of indictments I have struggled with the implications. Now we find the CIA has secret prisons in East Europe that have been outed.

Now one would think that logic and cohesion of cognative processes would be consistent. However, we find this is not the case.

The Bush team has consistently insisted ,more so since the outing of Libby and the implications that the outing most likley involved Karl Rove and maybe even Cheney, that outing a covert CIA agent was really no big deal and to lie about it to a Grand Jury of absolutly no significance. Never mind every time a spy has been caught there are claims covert agents have been compromised or even killed. The present case appears different at least as spun by the Bush team.

Now the presense of secret CIA prisons have been outed. This, by statements from the Bush team, is a matter of grave concern that endangers national security and must be addressed swiftly and vigorously.

Try as I might I cannot reconcile the two seemingly disparate positions. To out a covert CIA agent is of no concern and lying about is not an issue but outing the existence of secret CIA prisons is an event of serious consequence.

A cynical person would conclude the difference lies in self serving interest of the present administration and not in the interest of the security of the USA or intelligence agents of the US dedicated to protecting our security.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

My Jennifer

Today I read Helen's Everyday Stranger blog re: the loss of her child who would have been three today.

Reading her message I felt her grief and saddness. Actually I think I felt my own over the loss of Jennifer. Been 34 years since her death. Amazing how somtimes the grief never leaves. It morphs somewhat, becomes less omnipresent and less intrusive on daily life. But it does not actually abate or go away. It remains there always. Just beneath the surface letting you know it is there. Ready to surface at the slightest opportunity.

Still I welcome the grief as it keeps her with me all the time. I never want her to fade from my memory. I cherish the hours I held and feed and bathed and changed her. I cherish the memory of the last time I held and feed her. Little did I know at the time she would be gone in a very few hours.

I love you Jennifer


Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sealing Wax and Snacks & Iraq

Skippy-sans Blog always interests me. You see he and I share much in common. We both have miliatry background and graduated from the same small southern college with military aspirations. We both have a stronf cynical streak. Although I tend to thnk we are realist and not blinded by any particular ideology- except reason, Reason is not a commodity much in vogue in American politics these days.

But most importantly I think my ex-wife must be related to his ex. Or they attended the same classes. either way they graduated with highest honors. Reason, honesty, and all other virtues have been excluded from their armamentarum.

As far a Iraq concerned we have done the Irai people a great service. Instead of Saddma killing them they now have a choice of who kills them. The USA or any of a large and growing number of fellow Arabs and Muslims. As a side benefit the number of American men and women killed perpetuation this killing continues to climb. Seems to me they do not need our help in killing each other.

Considering all this ceertainly means Tea Time in Japan.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Iraq stay or leave

I must admit I'm in a quandry trying to understand what the policy of our country is regarding committment to Iraq. Firsat I hear we are there forthe long term and will not commit to or ever discuss a timetable for withdrawal of our troops. Seems the reason given was that would only encourage the "bad guys" to stay the course. That sounded logical to me. Us being there and all. Plus seems to reflect the truth of the statement attirbutred to Colin Powell to the effect that you broke it you own it.

But then I open the paper the other day and find, to my suprise, a statement from the top general in Iraq that a major troop withdrawal is expected by next spring. Announcement was almost coincident with a "surprise" visit to Iraq by Rumsfeld.

Wonder if related. Wonder if the timing of the reduction of troop strenght in Iraq is at all related to the mid-term elections? But I mainly wonder what happened to the we will not annouce or commit to any timetable for wiwthdrawal.

Friday, July 22, 2005

A life story writ large and well

Was directed by a extremely gifted and insightful blogger Skippy San to explore another website. I surfed over to Helen and was blown away but what I found.

Started with her letter to herself as a younger person. While lot of advice was expected ; the delivery and impact was not.

This letter moved me to surf her site. To say I was impressed and moved is an understatement.

Do yourself a favor and travel to Helen's blog you'll be glad you did.