Monday, June 27, 2005

Bush and Iraq

After careful considerationI have concluded Bush is not the Anti-Chirst. The idea is appealing and does have some merit but it just does not bear up under careful thought and analysis.

What I think we have in the middle east is a direct confrontation of fundamentalists. The Christian fundamentalists againt the Islamic fundamentlaists. A conflict I fear both sides are fueling for their own purposes. At least I think we understand the Islamists goals: retain power and advance Islam which mean destroy us. Our goals, as a county, are somewhat more opaque to me. Oil certainly plays a major role. I tend to believe the other gola is to secularize the USA. Why I do not fully understand. Every theocracy, of which I am aware, ends up destroying itself and its people. But then I suppose the theocrats reap the benfits.

At the core are we witnessing the inevitable result when two opposing extreme views collide with neither side able or willing to discuss and compromise? If so God or Allah please help us.


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Welcome to the Blogosphere. I've put a link to you on my blog. I've found this to be a most interesting way to get some things off my chest. Good luck and look around for some similar blogs they are out there. If you need help with some of the blogspot features, I'm just an e-mail away.


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