Monday, July 11, 2005

Four More Days

Come Friday at about 5 or 7 PM a most interesting 2 weeks will, hopefully, end. One of my associates has surgery. She was expecting to be out a little over a week. Unfortuatley she had complcations and damn near bleed out. Change of plans and she will be out a little over 5 weeks. At least that's the plan.

Then over 4th week end my other associate gets admitted to hospital for indeterminate stay.

Result: I'm alone doing a VERY busy practice by myself. BTW we cannot schedule our worklaod. Just have to slog on and on and on.

Needless to say been arriving home beat to a frazzel. Could not have succeeded so far without help of my wife who agreed to come to work to handle lot of the rote, routine, work. She has been wonderful.

As an aside the squirrels continue to find ways to steal the birdfood. Most amazing creatures. Very persistent.


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