Wednesday, November 09, 2005

CIA Outings

Ever since the Valarie Plame outing and the subsequent disclosures, indictments and lack of indictments I have struggled with the implications. Now we find the CIA has secret prisons in East Europe that have been outed.

Now one would think that logic and cohesion of cognative processes would be consistent. However, we find this is not the case.

The Bush team has consistently insisted ,more so since the outing of Libby and the implications that the outing most likley involved Karl Rove and maybe even Cheney, that outing a covert CIA agent was really no big deal and to lie about it to a Grand Jury of absolutly no significance. Never mind every time a spy has been caught there are claims covert agents have been compromised or even killed. The present case appears different at least as spun by the Bush team.

Now the presense of secret CIA prisons have been outed. This, by statements from the Bush team, is a matter of grave concern that endangers national security and must be addressed swiftly and vigorously.

Try as I might I cannot reconcile the two seemingly disparate positions. To out a covert CIA agent is of no concern and lying about is not an issue but outing the existence of secret CIA prisons is an event of serious consequence.

A cynical person would conclude the difference lies in self serving interest of the present administration and not in the interest of the security of the USA or intelligence agents of the US dedicated to protecting our security.


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