Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Iraq stay or leave

I must admit I'm in a quandry trying to understand what the policy of our country is regarding committment to Iraq. Firsat I hear we are there forthe long term and will not commit to or ever discuss a timetable for withdrawal of our troops. Seems the reason given was that would only encourage the "bad guys" to stay the course. That sounded logical to me. Us being there and all. Plus seems to reflect the truth of the statement attirbutred to Colin Powell to the effect that you broke it you own it.

But then I open the paper the other day and find, to my suprise, a statement from the top general in Iraq that a major troop withdrawal is expected by next spring. Announcement was almost coincident with a "surprise" visit to Iraq by Rumsfeld.

Wonder if related. Wonder if the timing of the reduction of troop strenght in Iraq is at all related to the mid-term elections? But I mainly wonder what happened to the we will not annouce or commit to any timetable for wiwthdrawal.


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