Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Iraq War is going well and other lies

My colleague and fellow cynic Skippy-san has of later been discussing the latest successes in our beloved and most lucid and logical leader (NOT) expound uopon how well the action is proceeding in Iraq.

If one were to even begin to consider Bush and his cronies have ever considered what they were doing or the ramifications of thier actions risks violent and extreme cognative dissonance. Skippy and I have been preaching the erros and perils of the Bush Doctrine. As far as I can see the basic pillar of the Bush Doctrine is act first, think never. Depend upon visons and revelations for insight. And above all else ignore the wisdom and experience of military commanders who would dare put forth an idea that differs from his ideology. A prime example is the repudiation of the Powell Doctrine.

On top tragic mishandleing of all thing Iraq Bush's disregard for American values lead him to not only spy on Americans without court sanction (sanctions were possible) but to publically acknowledge the wiretaps and spying and them claim his power is essentially limitless, No suprise there as has been his claim in all areas dealing with his actions and policies. Torture- no problem. Spy- no problem. Sign over ports to a foreign country; no problem. Talk about disregard for American values and sensibilities. Bush is a poster boy for hubris.

So I feel some degree of exoneration about Fiengold's censure motion and continuing falls in public support . Finally the public is taking notice. Maybe the accumulated lies and errors are catching up. As Skippy-san noted "........... Leave Bush to his own devices, he can do enough damage to himself. Wait till he gives his speech about "How all is well" in Iraq.......

Keep wondering how the Bush apologists who tend to deify ever thing he has done will respond when the whole Iraq sitaution descends into worse chaos. Guess they will blame everyone and everything except Bush and his ilk.

Maybe the God Bush invokes will see fit to out enough of the Bush crowd to effect changes this November. I see signs already. Republicans up for election are distancing themselves already. Self serving instinct for self-preservation push ot the fore.